The La Zagaleta Prime Resort Community in Spain

La Zagaleta is a prime resort within Marbella, which is, in turn one of the premier resort-towns in Spain, or in Europe even. As a result, and because of its unique properties, like its location, the fact that every property has a 10m radius of open space on all sides, and the quality of the properties, the average price of luxury villas in La Zagaleta is over 6 million euros.

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That said: due to the current market some high quality properties are currently on the market at bargain prices. These properties have been chosen because their prices are much lower than what they would likely have been during the last boom. There are many bargains available, the reasons each of these have been chosen is explained.

Because all the properties featured are all near equals in splendour for different reasons, it would be unfair to order them in order of the biggest bargain, so they are in order of their per sqm price, lowest to highest.

1: 5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom Mansion: 1262 square meters – 6.9 million Euros

This property has been chosen because, of the massive 7000 square meter grounds, the beauty of those grounds, the impressive views and unique features, like the indoor pool being in a glass room within the house. This property was chosen primarily because of the low price and the spectacular views from the rim of the infinity pool out over the resort and out as far as the Mediterranean and the coast of Africa. And because the price is a really great deal for this 830sqm property with palatial rooms on a 6750 square meter plot.

3 6 Bedroom 6 Bathroom Mansion: 1100 square meters 6.5 million Euros

Like number 2 this property has been chosen primarily because of the amazing views. Again it is a good deal for such a large property, and on a massive 6750 square meter plot. The property also has special features: the pool run under house for several meters, and the ripples viewed through a glass floor. This property also has a remarkable contemporary design.

4: 7 Bedroom 7 Bathroom Mansion: 1500 square meters 8.95 million Euros

When you look at the picture you will almost certainly immediately see why this property has been chosen. It is just magnificent property, breathtaking even. The property has sea-views and loads of unique features, including a swim-to pool bar, and salt water indoor pool.

Many things have been written about the La Zagaleta in blogs and after spending some time there over the weekend people think there are a few things that prospective buyers should do when they view properties there. Strangely enough, many people who actually have a house there haven´t visited the new, purpose built Los Barrancos clubhouse over in the North West sector of the estate. This is an altogether more intimate place to enjoy a drink and talk about how well (or otherwise if you are me) your round of golf went. The Los Barrancos course was only completed 3 years ago at an approximate cost of €20,000,000.

Many people interested in this estate don´t quite realize just how large the estate is (900 Hectares) and it is definitely worth taking the time to drive around the development and understand the aspect of each sector. There is, of course the established course originally built upon La Zagaletas´conception in the early 90´s designed by the Californian Bradford and Benz. To maintain these two exceptional courses, Troon have recently been appointed by the owners, as there philosophy and reputation in looking after exclsuive golf resorts is well documented.

To give you an idea of the cost of membership, firstly it is important for you to understand that you must own either a property or a plot within the estate in order for you to be a member. To join the golf club you will pay €120,000 for a lifetime membership fee, this is not a golf share and is therefore non transferrable. You will then pay €8000 per year to use the facilities, should you wish to have other family members join there is a €9000 entrance fee with the residual €8000 per year. There are many great activities that you can take part in, but it is worth noting that the €8000 does not cover the cost of using the equestrian centre.

Overall this estate is suited to people who enjoy a high level of privacy, coupled with the highest level of security available. Some of the most desireable properties in Europe are situated in this site and given there are only 400 houses permitted to be built ( a density level that won the estate the Ford award for conserving nature) you will never be at risk of over development. Luxury living at its best.