How Does Applying Teflon Affect Your Carpet

Teflon is a product manufactured via the DuPont Corporation. This product bonds to the carpet fiber preventing liquids, dirt and debris from penetrating. Dirt stains not handled quickly embed in your floor fiber. Teflon keeps the dirt from sticking with the fibers, making the clean-up process much easier. Therefore, your floor coverings will look better and last much longer. Teflon that is effective on nearly all of carpet fibers including wool. Find carpet cleaning services near me.

In order for the Teflon path to work properly your carpets must be prepared for the application process. The two kinds of treatments are oil based and non oil based treatments. Teflon also needs to be worked into your carpets by utilizing a pile brush for pile types along with a rake for shag applications. The answer will be the same, but the appliance and preparation process are different.


First, your carpets must be cleaned to eliminate any dirt, grease or debris. If your floor has not been cleaned the Teflon will not adhere correctly. Therefore, the item would possibly not work as well. There are various kinds of carpet cleaning professionals methods to pick from. The most recommended way to clean carpet for getting a Teflon application is hot water extraction. This process actually sprays a hot water solution onto the surface of the carpet and is vacuumed up shortly after. Really hot water extraction equipment is usually very powerful and can remove the vast majority of stains and carpet soil allowing the Teflon to adhere. Teflon might be targeted against wet or dry carpet. Dry carpet is recommended.


Teflon can placed on many various ways. You possibly can apply Teflon on your own, with a pump sprayer. An outstanding pump sprayer that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes. They will show a pleasant selection to select from. The cheaper sprayers have plastic nozzles and tend to leak more frequently and to discover the spray pattern isn’t as precise. When applying Teflon, an explicit flow of solution is important. Ensure you go through directions coming from a chemical treatment. The newest Teflon treatments on the market today don’t have any odor and safe to use. Pour the Teflon solution directly into pump sprayer and pump several times. Don’t over pump the sprayer! It is a hazard and can cause the sprayer to rupture. You want a large spray pattern when applying Teflon. As soon as the spray pattern is about you can commence to use the solution. Grip the spray nozzle 7-8 inches from the rug surface and spray evenly from one particular corner of everyone to the other. Continue this technique so that the room has a fair coat of Teflon. Use any pile brush to operate the solution into your floor fibers. A pile brush may be purchased at carpeting supply company. Be certain not to brush with an excessive amount of force or the carpet fibers may be damaged. Notice the Teflon instructions on the drying time.

When trying to find a carpet cleaning service or another company, you may want to do your own research  online. Carpet cleaning companies are different and operate in numerous ways. You need to check their Better Business Bureau rating and have a look at the Complaints Board. These are generally some tools that will help you see if the company has an even reputation for service and excellence. If you don’t find anything overly negative about the company, call and ask several questions.